Our Passion. Our Pride.
Our Passion. Our Pride.

About 1000km Challenge

The Johnny Kambouris Memorial 1000km Challenge was run for the first time in 1990. It was started by Jenny Kambouris in memory of her late husband Johnny Kambouris who died tragically in a motor vehicle accident on 31 December 1989. Jenny married Paul Selby in 1996 and they together kept the challenge going for 20 years. After two decades they wanted to stop the 1000km challenge, but it became such an important part of the life of athletes that their friends Peter, Sue and Chris Darroll undertook and attempted to take it over and continue the great tradition. It was later taken over in 2011 by Tobie and Elaine Reyneke. In October 2016 it was taken over by Gerhard and Hettie Fourie.

All it takes is an average of plus minus 5 to 10 km per week in road and trial races in the year between the day after Comrades until the day of the next Comrades (Comrades is not compulsory). The goal is to reach either 500km or a 1000km as a runner or a walker or a wheelchair athlete. There is also special incentive medals, trophies, distance badges and permanent numbers for the more competitive athletes! You will love the atmosphere and reward of the National and other annual prize givings.

You will receive a race list upon registration and half the fun is to regularly fill in the details of races completed and to monitor your progress. This website contains similar fun functions. You will get a kick out of watching your mileage grow!

We continue to support charities by donating R10 of each entry received to charities. We have donated more than R84000 to charities over the years including The Salvation Army, Wetnose Animal Rescue Centre, Meals on Wheels, StopRhinoPoaching, SA Guide Dogs for the Blind,  The African Pangolin Working Group, National Sea Rescue Institute and others.

May the 1000km Challenge bring you honour, friendship and passion by competing and challenging yourself regularly. May you become part of this great family of amazing people.  You will become a Legendary 1000km Challenge Champion!