Our Passion. Our Pride.
Our Passion. Our Pride.

Welcome to 1000km Challenge

In short the 1000km Challenge is about the joy of running and walking as many races as you can or want to attain a set goal. You will have fun, meet new people, see beautiful places and experience great races. If you are ready step over your boundaries into the future!

Each challenge season we choose a charity which will receive a R10.00 donation from each entry received for the 1000km Challenge. In 2011-2 it was the Wetnose Animal Rescue Centre, in 2012-3 it was the Meals on Wheels Community Service Miracle, in 2013-4 it was StopRhinoPoaching, in 2014-5 it was SA Guide Dogs for the Blind, in 2015-6 The African Pangolin Working Group in 2016-7 the National Sea Rescue Institute  in 2017-2018. The National Institute for deaf in 2018-2019. Wollies animal shelter in 2019-2020.

In the past 29 years 3038 Challengers has run ore than 11 million km’s.  14 Challengers, Ric Marini, Kosie van Vuuren, Frik du Preez, Hanspeter Stebler,  Paul Selby, Sue Darroll,  Des Robins, Dean McClealand, Neels Vermeulen, Peter Darroll, Lesley Vermeulen, Gerald Kroukamp, Barry Schwartz and Hilton Galleid  has run around the world in races. They have all run more than 40 075.16kms, which is the distance around the earth at the equator! Ric Marini has gone around the world twice with more than 83000kms to date!

Please take note that you must do a manual entry and that registration on website does not mean you are entered for the Challenge. Please follow this format when opening a Username: “Piet-Pompies” i.e.”Name-Surname”. Make sure all your info is captured properly and if you see any issue, please let us know.

Enjoy your running, walking and the 1000km Challenge website!